Engine Balancing

  • To  make  small  adjustments  to  each  unit  make  uniform power  generation
    in every unit.
  • Pmax  by  timing  of  fuel  pump(vit  or  by  shims  to  pump  or  cam  floating
    and readjusting)
  • Pcomp in ME engines by exh valve timing change.
  • Pmax- Pcomp not more than 35 bar to avoid piston ring failure.
    Pi adjusted by fuel index.
    (But limits are The peak pressure difference can't be more than 3 to 5
    for AE And max 10 for ME. Exhaust gas temp diff 40deg C.
    Fuel  rack  should  not  be  adjusted  more  than  10% Otherwise  we  have  to
    change the plunger and barrel)