Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ultra Low Sulpur Diesel (ULSD) problems

  • ULSD contains low level of lubricity.
  • Natural lubricity is provided by oxygen and nitrogen compounds aromatics ,hydrocarbons and sulphur.
  • Refining process reduces these chemicals.
  • Engine and fuel oil system rely heavily on lubricity for proper operation.
  • Insufficient lubricity leads to premature failure of wear related fuel system components including fuel pump and injector.
  • ULSD is hygroscopic fuel .This means it absorbs water from atmosphere 
  • Water weaks havac in diesel fuel system causing corrosion and failure of metal componets such as fuel tanks, pumps and injectors .
  • Water leads to microbial contamination which results in plugged fuel lines and filters
  • In cold climate water freezes resulting in reduced power and total engine shutdown.

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